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The recent nameserver wipe out, presumably by the domain registrar revoked the direct access to the domain. Nobody can actually access the website with the current known domain names, because the domain cannot be resolved to the actual server where the files has been kept.

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Don't be so worried, we are here to help. Just because there is no mediocre DNS mechanism to convert the domain names into an IP address, it doesn't mean you can't access it. Domain name is only the phase of words that is meant to make it easy to remember the web address - it holds the key to the IP address of the server where the files has been stored.

To test this theory, try to access the website with this IP address - ? Got it? It's simple right?

So, why do we need these domain names? Simply because we can't remember all those digits for every website you have to access. It's easier to remember "" rather than "" to access your favorite "ahem!!" website.

So, how you are going to make it work? Just follow the simple steps below.



1. Download and install NotePad ++ (link provided below)

2. Go To C:/ (or your OS drive) > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc

3. right click on "hosts" file and from the drop down menu select "Edit with Notepad++"

z 000854. Add these lines at the bottom of the window

z 00025 copy5. Restart your browser if you already have opened to read this article. And try visiting h33t with any link you mentioned in your hosts file.


1. NotePad ++ [Download]



I noticed that some of the users are having problem settings things up, some being not able to save the "hosts" file because of the access permissions are not correct or some of them simply didn't followed the tutorial correctly. Watch this video to set the "User access control" to minimal on your windows powered system.

P.S. - If you are still facing the issues, please post a comment  below or you can send me a personal message if you are a registered member. You can always register on the website, it's free.


Update: Website is back Online under new domain (9th Decemeber 2013) - Click here for more information

Update: H33t is being propagated to the new domain. Read more.

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