Fulton showcases new wireless power up option for your gadgets


digitfreak 00020 fulton wireless power transferThe innovative technology which rivals today promotes the wireless technology for every gadget, which brings easier, more portable gadgets to get things done seemlessly. Gadgets supporting wireless activities is not something new, we use the wireless technology almost daily for many puposes.

However, when it comes to the wireless power transfers - it is fairly a new technology, which still needs lots of evolving and improvements. Wireless charging is slowly creeping into more and more devices, and the convenience it brings is a welcome addition to our technological lives.

With Fulton innovation, you won't have to worry about the charging point - if you have another gadget which has enough juice to power your gadget which is dieing. Imagine charing your cell phone with your tablet or vice versa, no cables or cords required.

Fulton Innovation, a subsidiary of Alticor that's been in the wireless power business for more than 10 years, announced and demonstrated its fully functional two-way charging technology Monday night at the Digital Experience CES event in Las Vegas.

The device-to-device power transfer works simply by placing two Qi-enabled devices back-to-back, as showcased in the video below. Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is the international standard for wireless power transfer. Fulton's latest technology turns these devices into units capable of acting as both power transmitters and receivers.

In the demonstration given at CES, Fulton Innovation had a reference device (a Samsung tablet) containing the technology, and demonstrated it by simply resting a Qi enabled mobile on top, and instantly it charged -- just like placing it on a regular charging mat.

Fulton were also keen to stress their intention to get the technology incorporated into the Qi standard, meaning that if this were the case, then bi-directional charging like this could eventually be common place. Beyond the more obvious application of charging devices, there are other applications that this idea opens up.

However, few people are questioning about the efficiency of the technology and how green it can be. According to few analysts wireless power transfer can never be eco-friendly and you should consider the additional energy bills.

The technology is fairly new and can bring new aspects to the technological world around us.

What do you think about the device? Is it something you will love to use for your daily power requirements? Would love the wireless power transfers for every gadget around you? Shout out in comments.

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