Android to increase default app size limit, whooping 4GB!

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Android-In-Phuket-2010Google announced that they are increasing the limit of the default Android App size limit. You might need to get better internet speed for your mobile phones to get the latest apps working. That's because the new app size limit will be of 4GB, which is quite high and if any of the app maker dicides to go with the bigger app size, then it my be difficult for your slow mobile internet speed. 

Most probably the game makers will opt for the bigger file size to provide the better user environment to the user and most interestingly the better gameplay and graphics.

Just because App developers will be free to use the high space to execute their apps there are tremendous possibilites, which will be reflected in the future apps.

According to the announcement, developers will now be able to attach two additional extra files to their apps with a filesize limit of 2GB each. Yep, that means that apps could now become as big as 4GB. Here’s what the team had to say about the change:

Android applications have historically been limited to a maximum size of 50MB. This works for most apps, and smaller is usually better — every megabyte you add makes it harder for your users to download and get started. However, some types of apps, like high-quality 3D interactive games, require more local resources.

So today, we’re expanding the Android app size limit to 4GB.

The best part, which in most cases promote the small app developers to create bigger apps is -- google will provide free hosting of the app and will remove the burdens from the app developers to provide the bandwidth for their apps.

The Android team hopes that this increase in file size will inspire developers to get more creative with their apps, including things like 3D graphics, audio, and video.

The new innovation from Google is great approach for better user experience and it is to be sure that it will be followed by other mobile platforms too, But as far as we are stuck with the slow data speeds on mobile devices it is obivious that most of the users will prefer the smaller apps. 

Hope that app developers doesn't bloat the user's mobile with unnecessary files which will consume the precious mobile "bytes" and do nothing.

We just need to wait until the Google lauches the new feature for it's platform officially because it is when we will see the new apps floating around with size varying from few hundred MB's to few Gigs.


Source : Android blog

Image courtesy : Flickr

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