Facebook's share close at all time high $40 since the IPO!



Almost everybody remembers the time when Facebook when public. Most of the people said that the
company will have to see a fall now but it has continued to shock the critics with its performance
in the stock market.

This friday it again showed those who doubt on its potential by hitting another rise in the stock
price. Since its IPO the company shares have now closed above $40 for the first time!. Similar trend
has been observed in the shares of the world's no.1 social network, Facebook's share. In addition
some might add that they have gained by almost 50%.

This time the rise in shares is believed to have started in response to some statement justifying
that Facebook is only getting all the glory due to its mobile and Desktop pc users, which might not
be completely true.

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For some this might not seem like a very big news but those who dwell in these waters, this is
actually seen as a very big step and sign showing the strength of FB's stocks. It shows that the
company stocks are not affected by the status of the market. When FB's IPO stock was sold more than a year ago, the shares were at the rate of $38! and now they are already seeing the rise.

Good for Facebook, and us but whats your status about this thing? Come on.... You must have a theory
or two.

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