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It's been six months since China has implemented censorship over Gmail services, but Chinese users always found their way to access mails using 3rd party applications via IMAP, POP and STMP protocols. Now, it seems, Chinese censors have closed this loophole, which leaves Gmail inaccessible on Chinese ISP.

All the time anyone hears about is google is when they take over some other company or are launching some new technology or maybe in the case of a lawsuit, but this time Google has really shown a different and caring side of itself. They have started a new public relations mission to encourage the recruitment of more and more women into the silicon valley companies.

Sergey brin says that he shouldn't be working with google+ team as he is not very social after all. In his words he's "not a very social person" and "kind of weirdo."

From the day Satya Nadella has joined Microsoft, he has tried to do something new and now as CEO of the company he is trying even harder. To crank up the speed, he announced a new leadership team for all the branches under Microsoft Inc.

We heard that Microsoft is working on their own Siri Alternative integrated application for Windows Phone platform last year. It seems Microsoft is almost ready to show the world what they did with their new project all this time when there were almost no leaked information about it. We know that Windows Phone 8.1 will include Cortana, a personal assistant designed to rival Siri and Google Now.

A recent news from Microsoft tells that the company is soon going to rename its cloud-based storage service SkyDrive to 'OneDrive'. The change has come as a consequence of Microsoft's defeat over the name battle against the UK Satellite Broadcaster, Sky Broadcasting Group!

Latest in the market from apple came out on Monday in the form of a security-enabling update, which was kind of expected as recently it launched devices with the latest Operating system for Macintosh computers, OS X.

Apple got a real challenge in there hands now , they may have added features to the iPhone 6 that help with "reach-ability" but will it help a Bristol area man reach his wife after their recent divorce ? Yet to be seen.

The whole world of technology, along with the remnants of Silicon Vallley know about the famous rivalry between the two biggest smartphone maker companies in the world. The long lasting fire between Apple and Samsung has been lighted up yet again as a new case is going to be filed in the court.

The symbol of piracy and P2P sharing — the community which made the torrenting of virtually any type of media, is back online. Yes, The Pirate Bay is back online and it is not one of those replica websites which thrived after the raid this time. You can access your website from it's official domain, which hosts the legendary P2P community — Pirate Bay lives once more.

After a short controversial up time of TheBox's new home, it is finally shutdown by the owner of the website. The website was fairly popular for its rare archive of UK Television shows. The website owner shut down it's predecessor website "" last year only to create a new secret website, which was reportedly a mirror image of the original website but with only selected members.

When you want to share files with someone else, or a group of people, where do you go? Odds are, you're surfing torrent search engines. But, did you know that torrent search engines don't always allow you the greatest selection of files?

Market Movers

Facebook, Inc.

NMS : FB - 31 Mar, 4:00pm
-0.980 (-1.178%) After Hours:
Open 82.890 Mktcap 230.12B
High 83.500 52wk Hight 86.070
Low 82.210 52wk Low 54.660
Vol 19.73M Avg Vol 26.17M
Eps 1.950 P/e 73.934
Currency: USD

Microsoft Corporation

NMS : MSFT - 31 Mar, 4:00pm
-0.305 (-0.745%) After Hours:
Open 40.770 Mktcap 333.52B
High 41.030 52wk Hight 50.050
Low 40.540 52wk Low 38.510
Vol 34.89M Avg Vol 39.33M
Eps 2.380 P/e 16.400
Currency: USD

Google Inc.

NMS : GOOG - 31 Mar, 4:00pm
-4.03 (-0.73%) After Hours:
Open 550.00 Mktcap 372.98B
High 554.71 52wk Hight 604.83
Low 546.72 52wk Low 487.56
Vol 1.58M Avg Vol 1.99M
Eps 28.92 P/e 26.10
Currency: USD

Apple Inc.

NMS : AAPL - 31 Mar, 4:00pm
-1.94 (-1.54%) After Hours:
Open 126.12 Mktcap 724.77B
High 126.49 52wk Hight 133.60
Low 124.36 52wk Low 73.05
Vol 42.09M Avg Vol 58.69M
Eps 8.64 P/e 16.85
Currency: USD

Yahoo! Inc.

NMS : YHOO - 31 Mar, 4:00pm
-0.515 (-1.146%) After Hours:
Open 44.820 Mktcap 41.60B
High 45.200 52wk Hight 52.620
Low 44.420 52wk Low 32.150
Vol 10.42M Avg Vol 16.92M
Eps 0.890 P/e 5.967
Currency: USD
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