Apple Inc. acquires rights over a small navigation company, Embark Inc.


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Recently the iphone maker company was in news due to the low cost iphones due to come in the market. Now they are hot due to a very recent business transaction made by them. In an attempt to ameliorate its mapping systems Apple Inc. has bought another navigation company named Embark Inc.

last year the company debuted its map service but unfortunately it had many said bugs for which
later the company's CEO Tim Cook had to apologize. Well so they had to do something for that and so
they are working really hard for that. In that pursuit they have been buying many small companies
since a very long time but no one paid any major attention to them till now.

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Apple started its own mapping system after it dropped Google maps with lots of expectations, but
none came true. Some other recent deals were made by Apple Inc. in this area only. It agreed to buy
a company named last month only followed by another business-location maps focused
company, Locationary Inc. The most recent being Embark Inc. which specializes in providing info
about public transportation maps. Another company recently taken over by Apple is WifiSlam and guess what it does? Well it actually identifies the location of a person inside a building using wifi.

Experts can only add that it will depend on what Apple acually makes out of this puddle of small
companies. Maybe it will be able to launch something so perfect that it will be the new mapping
system of devices, or maybe not.

Share your views on this matter with us, we are always eager.

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  • Yeah you are right at your own place but what if Apple builds something far much better than Google maps? We should not forget that Apple Inc has that capacity!

  • Guest - daniel

    Apple is working so hard for something which already exists and provides perfect details. Google maps is all you need. Apple should actually work on building something new and innovative.

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