HTC M7 could be coming to market as HTC one? [Rumor]

digitfreak 00072 htc one or htc m7HTC M7 is awaiting a huge audience to be fulfilled with the new technology and hardware specs which is very intimating. But company is still stressing it too much on the final name of the device which will be the actual identity of the device in the market.

A new tip from leak-extraordinaires, @evleaks, is suggesting that the upcoming flagship could see a release as simply the HTC One — no X, no S — just One. If you think about it, Apple doesn't confuse consumers by releasing new smartphones every year with a new name, especially not after the original was such a success.

oem htc m7 housing 1 HTC M& housing (leaked image)

Low end consumers need something they can identify and feel proud to own - so in most companies and brand, the name matters the most. It is a deciding factor whether the product will be a hit.

Maybe people will start asking "Oh, is that the new One?" in 2013. Can't wait to see what HTC finally unveils (and confirms) at their Feb 19th even in New York. We'll keep you posted.

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