Next iPhone may be revealed in June 2013, followed by 'Lower end' model : Analyst

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digitfreak 00016 iphone 6While iPhone 5 is already driving the enough drift to set the device just at the top selling gadget of 2013, people are already analyzing the next predictable date for the release of next iPhone.

Enthusiastic people are already putting their thoughts on the table whether the next iPhone will be named as the previous version of the iPhone as -- iPhone 5S or it will leap to the next number - iPhone 6. Whether it will be black and white or will it be multicolored?

Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley believes Apple will move away from its Q3/Q4 launch cycle and adopt a summer announcement policy. Furthermore, he foresees that Cupertino will unveil a "higher-end iPhone" sometime in the June quarter followed by a low-end model.

"We believe Apple could launch a higher-end iPhone model by the June quarter versus its more typical September/October timing for a new iPhone launch. We also believe Apple could potentially launch a lower-end iPhone focused on more price-sensitive pre-paid markets, as we believe consumers in markets such as China, Latin America and Eastern Europe would have very strong demand for a more affordably priced 3G iPhone", he noted.

Apple usually launch their "lower-end" iPhone model in the market after few days of the higher end version because of its price policy. Previous iPhone version is always offered at lower price range after the newer version is launched in the market. However, it has been rumored that iPhone will change its tactics and they will launch official low-end model in the market at lower price range of the newer model.

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[Via: Pocketnow]

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