Samsung Overtakes Apple sales for Q3 2012

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samsung galaxy siiiSamsung and Apple has been the top competitors in smartphone segment ever since Samsung launched its first Galaxy phone. The two competing companies produces one of the most popular smartphones, which is the highest selling gadget in the world.

The third Quarter report this year by strategy Analytics, suggests that Samsung Galaxy SIII has overtaken Apple's iPhone 4S for the first time ever to become the top selling smartphone.

According to the report Galaxy SIII sold 18 Million units  in Q3 2012 since it's Q2 2012, which was only 5.4 Million. Where as Apple iPhone 4S sold 16.2 Million units in Q3 2012, which was 19.4 Million in Q2 2012. Apple iPhone 5 sold 6 Million units in Q3 2012 and 0 units during Q2 2012 (because iPhone 5 wasn't launched during the second quarter).

galaxy-s-iii-iphone-4s-salesOf course, serendipity is also likely at play, as the iPhone 5 hit shelves towards the end of that period, likely cannibalizing 4S sales -- in fact, the market research firm thinks Apple's new top handset will likely trump Samsung in Q4. That means the Korean giant may have to step up its game, or it'll just be keeping the top spot warm for its arch-competitor.

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