ChromeBook could be a new spawn by Google in gadget battle

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digitfreak 00101 google chromebook pixelIn the current world of techno updates and competition between the companies that make these sweet pieces of tech, another new techno-upgrade has hit the market.

The mulch-fucntioning search engine giant Google which has now its roots in operating system, mobiles, internet and many other fields, has now started working in the field of Hardware like laptops.

Chromebooks are the line of laptops by Google and in order to compete with the coming changes in the product line of apple and Microsoft, it has made another attempt. The process started with adding a new feature "touch" to the chromebooks.

The new devices will have have a 13' display screen which will respond to touch patters like swipe of the finger. This is a very big and important feature which is currently being used by mobile companies for their devices. The latest operating system by Microsoft named Windows 8 has been made for devices like that.

At such important time, launching of such features in its laptop will provide the company some more appreciation from the public.

In order to compete with companies, Google is actually trying to add something which is just slightly better than what the other company provides. The chromebook is named Pixel and its going to have a high resolution screen displays with even higher resolution than apple mac books.

It has yet not been up for selling but will be out by the next week at its web store, play. From what we know that its gonna be worth $1,299 and $1,499 respectively for 32 and 64GB machines respectively. To add to our interest list, it will have Wi-Fi connectivity and higher order ones will have the power to connect to 4g LTE networks.

Now whether the project will be successful or not will be decided by the response from the technofreak population. What you have to say about all this can be dropped down in the comments box or at

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