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Nissan unveiled a new Four-Door Sedan car at New your Auto Show 2016, which continues the trend of original Nissan Maxima as a Four-Door sports car. However, whether it can really be put into the sports car segment is hard to say.

In recent news from Intel, its was announced that Intel is planning to invest $300 million just to encourage workplace diversity by hiring employees from various races and nationalities and to achieve that goal, they have real plans for human resources.

This one's for the tech enthusiasts who get jacked up on new inventions and latest updates in the tech world. The biggest convention and platform for the innovation and inventions in technology also known as CES, started internationally yesterday with great enthusiasm in the city of casinos, LAS VEGAS.

Lenovo unveiled their upcoming A7000 smartphone MWC earlier this year, whhich is scheduled to be released in India on April 7th.

Gionee's president William Lu promised to launch their new smartphone Elife E8 in June, while unveiling their upcoming smartphone Elife S7 during a Lavish Event.

MacBook has come a long way ever since Apple announced PowerBook G4 back in 2005. 

Its been a really tough time for sony Corp. considering all the lawsuits and hacks going on its network and databases. Latest was the hack which severely and abruptly disabled the complete network of Sony's Playstation along with Microsoft's online network for its Xbox gaming consoles.

Just when people thought they can relax and enjoy their vacations at home, using all the online entertainment media to enjoy some quality time with their family, something terrible happened. A group of hackers, claimed to posses 13,000 accounts which belongs to major retail and entertainment services.

This is a warning article for the gaming community worldwide. Beware! a new kind of malware has come into existence these days.. too much active to be around. This new form of the malware is spreading only via Twitch chat service for now.

You might think that you don't really need an additional keyboard and mouse when you already got your premium keyboard and track pad on your laptop, but you might be surprised how handy it might be.

The company we are about to review here is not just another niche VPN provider, which is looking for some fame. It is true that it is fairly new, but HideIPVPN is one of the most reputed VPN company that offers premium class, and one of the most secure global network of the industry.

If you play games then you must be aware of the game called Gears of war, which used to be one the best games ever! The game was created and marketed under the company name of Epic Games, and its lead designer Cliff Bleszinki left the field of game designing some time ago, but now it seems that he may finally be back for more.

OnePlus One, the most popular official custom Rom packed smartphone has finally launched its own in-house version of Android custom ROM called OxygenOS.

Admit that 'Startup Disk Creator' is one the most unpredictable bundled application on your Ubuntu OS. Sometimes your usb won't boot, sometimes it will but with grub errors, sometimes it freezes before finishing writing the image, sometimes it exits with no error feedback... It's bit of a mess! — If you want to write same ISO image to multiple USB drives, than it is a real pain. 

Yes, it's true that code savvy folks would simply write a little bash script to automate the process, but large number of users would only be comfortable with a GUI tool. This is where 'Gnome MultiWriter' stepped right in.z 00007The developer, Richard Hughes faced a similar issue when he was looking for a way to create a number of USB rives pre-loaded with an OS. An idea popped into his mind to create a tool which is simple enough, so that even his dad could use it.

He developed 'Gnome MultiWriter' as a solution, which can write an ISO/IMG image file to 20 USB drives simultaneously, each being between 1GB and 32GB in size.

z 00008This simple and minimalist tool nixes the need to customize or create a command line script and relinquishes the need to waste an afternoon performing an identical set of action. All you need is this app, an ISO, some thumb-rives and lots of empty USB ports.

z 00005

Seems so exciting? Although the developer wanted this app to be simple enough so that it could fulfill requirements of common Linux users but it is still at beta stage (unstable to use) and thus simple repository installation is missing - there are no pre-built binaries to install or a PPA to add to your software sources.

If you know your way around the usual configure/make process you can get it up and running in no time. On Ubuntu 14.10 you may also need to install the following packages first:

sudo apt-get install gnome-common yelp-tools libcanberra-gtk3-dev libudisks2-dev gobject-introspection

If you get it up and running, give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Bugs and pull requests can be longed on the GitHub page for the project, which is where you'll also found tarball downloads for manual installation.

I often stumble upon a friend or someone I know, looking for the solution to fix issues with their blackberry world. Most of them could be easily solved by rebooting the device or simple refresh of Blackberry world, or strangely enough simply waiting it out if it's a known issue but in some rare cases, Blackberry world simply refuses to load no matter what measures are taken.

Market Movers

Facebook, Inc.

NMS : FB - 17 Apr, 4:00pm
-1.535 (-1.865%) After Hours:
Open 81.520 Mktcap 226.09B
High 82.110 52wk Hight 86.070
Low 80.370 52wk Low 54.660
Vol 24.21M Avg Vol 25.22M
Eps 1.960 P/e 72.639
Currency: USD

Google Inc.

NMS : GOOG - 17 Apr, 4:00pm
-9.75 (-1.83%) After Hours:
Open 527.90 Mktcap 356.68B
High 529.84 52wk Hight 599.65
Low 521.01 52wk Low 487.56
Vol 2.15M Avg Vol 1.87M
Eps 28.92 P/e 24.96
Currency: USD

Microsoft Corporation

NMS : MSFT - 17 Apr, 4:00pm
-0.545 (-1.293%) After Hours:
Open 41.700 Mktcap 341.40B
High 41.740 52wk Hight 50.050
Low 41.160 52wk Low 38.510
Vol 42.39M Avg Vol 39.08M
Eps 2.390 P/e 16.787
Currency: USD

Apple Inc.

NMS : AAPL - 17 Apr, 4:00pm
-1.42 (-1.13%) After Hours:
Open 125.54 Mktcap 726.64B
High 126.14 52wk Hight 133.60
Low 124.46 52wk Low 74.85
Vol 51.96M Avg Vol 54.27M
Eps 8.68 P/e 16.89
Currency: USD

Yahoo! Inc.

NMS : YHOO - 17 Apr, 4:00pm
-1.33 (-2.91%) After Hours:
Open 45.30 Mktcap 41.61B
High 45.44 52wk Hight 52.62
Low 44.25 52wk Low 32.93
Vol 13.59M Avg Vol 16.56M
Eps 0.89 P/e 5.97
Currency: USD


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Videos are one of the most crucial part of online media along with articles, emails, forums, pics and other textual contents, and as the use of online video portals or "tubes" have massively increased Facebook steps in and takes some steps to step into this side of Internet too.

The online fashion megastore - Myntra was sold to Flipkart last year, which has proven to be a petri dish to test out new ideas and innovations. Flipkart already closed mobile website of Myntra, and is looking forward to shut down its desktop version as well.

Do you feel abandoned with your old iPhone devices which was striked out from the list of supported device for iOS 7? Don't feel out of league anymore with this new trick that will bring your iPhone back to life.

The galactic super hero fans will be real happy to hear that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 got an official date, until they get to know that it's not the release date but only the beginning of the shooting.

A 135 years old legacy that used to facilitate pan-India door-delivery of funds to a payee from over 155,000 post offices has finally come to an end.

[How To] activate kaspersky 2013 by keyfile [EHD]

This short video tutorial helps you activate Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security 2013 and 2014 using a key file. It is to be noted that Kaspersky Labs removed the ability to activate the software with key file on their latest version Kaspersky 2015.

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